Experience, expertise, planning and project managementMENTA

Having worked with over 300 clients both large and small, advising them on how to gain the most from the Internet, we implicitly understand that if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

Using this knowledge, our experienced consultants are able to extract, assimilate and interpret the business requirements and objectives from within each project, and in many cases write a detailed specification document that disseminates these requirements to the various project stakeholders, and then effectively communicates them to the technical team in a manner that enables them to plan, structure and deliver the most appropriate technology to meet those requirements.

Our phased approach ensures that the final site we provide meets the initial project objectives, is delivered on time and according the agreed budget, but most of all it adds the expected value to your organisation.

The key stages involved in delivering the majority of our projects include scoping, specification, design, site build, content population, testing, review, training, marketing and ongoing support.

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