CRM & Marketing automation

Leveraging efficiency and visibility of your marketing spend  salesforce

Your website is just one of the multiple “touch points” you are likely to share with your customer, along with the telephone, email, post, events and exhibitions.  The activities generated by these conversations and actions then need to be recorded against each customer’s history within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system such as

With a system such as this in place, customer contact information can be recorded manually or automatically depending on the touch point. Marketing automation software can then be used to identify specific activity (or non- activity) and configure “triggers” to automatically send preconfigured emails or flag the customer up within the CRM software so that the appropriate sales person or customer service representative calls the customer.

When integrated with your website, it means that when a customer who normally only purchases product or service A from you, visits the page relating to product or service B, a preconfigured email can be triggered and sent to them automatically that indicates the benefits of purchasing the further item.  If appropriate, the sales person assigned to this contact is then prompted to follow this up with a call.

With software such as this in place, it then becomes much easier to analyse the return achieved from each of your lead sources, and for this to be compared to the level of investment made on each, therefore providing clear visibility of the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

As Marketo partners, we can advise you on how best to integrate your website with your CRM system, and the many benefits that can be gained from automating your marketing activities.

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