Enterprise-class data centre infrastructureukfast

The speed and resilience of the platform upon which your site is hosted is fundamental to its ongoing success as this helps to maintain your customers’ expectations, improve your SEO and increase the amount of business your website generates.

Our hosting platform is based upon UK Fast’s MyCloudStack Dedicated solution that offers a fully redundant environment where there is no single point of failure at any level within the entire infrastructure and therefore we are able to provide a 100% network uptime guarantee and your choice of 99.9% or 99.999% server uptime, with the latter being a guaranteed service.

The key benefits of this hosting environment are:

  • Fully redundant datacentre environment with 100% network uptime and Proactive Uptime Monitoring, meaning there is no single point of failure at any level within the entire infrastructure
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit data links connected directly to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), meaning that both domestic and international traffic has the fewest possible steps to make to reach your site
  • Virtualised server environment, meaning your site, the operating system and its configuration is automatically relocated in the event of a hardware failure
  • Unique Magento Optimised Hosting, providing a configuration, optimisation and monitoring environment that is uniquely tailored to the very specific requirements of Magento that ensures maximum performance, even when compared to Magento Enterprise
  • Fibre channel based storage devices, meaning data transfer between the disk array and the website is faster than even local hard drives
  • Capacity Threshold Monitoring, meaning as soon as traffic levels hit predefined thresholds, additional capacity (i.e. servers, memory, storage) can be automatically added
  • Multiple on and off-site backups, enabling full and fast restoration of data, as well as the ability to roll back to a restore point from a specific recent date
  • Immediate datacentre failover UPS power backup, backed up by multi megawatt redundant diesel generators, meaning your site remains up even at times of extended power failure
  • The datacentre is certified to ISO27001, being the certification required for government level hosting
  • The datacentre is 100% carbon neutral and certified by BSI PAS 2060

To discuss moving your site into this enterprise level environment, or to arrange a datacentre tour, please contact us, or call us on 01284 777444.